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Rice Bran is the brown layer of brown rice. It is the most nutritious part of rice. Rice bran is rich in Vitamin E and Oryzanol, which are natural substances that helps reduce blood cholesterol and fight against free radicals.

Besides, since 20% of rice bran is rice germ, rice bran oil or rice oil is rich in nutritional natural substances. Thus, in Japan, it is known as "Heart Oil".

In order to get high quality rice bran oil, the company realizes the importance of the selection of raw materials. Rice bran that is used for oil extraction has to be freshly milled within no more that 24 hours to maintain the vitamins and nutrition. Moreover, the company uses advanced technology in selecting rice bran by using the Electro Mechanical Sample Taker for sampling rice bran and the NIRS (Near-infrared System) for evaluating the quality of raw materials. The system is the world’s most advanced technology, which ensures for a fast and accurate assessment within only two minutes whereas other conventional methods can take up to three hours.



Rice Bran oil production and quality control processes consist
of three major processes:
Rice Bran Oil Extracting Process
Rice Bran Oil Refining Process
Laboratory Quality Control


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